We are a Group of persons, that even though everyone has a different task, we manage to make our products, IOM class boats and fittings for radiosailing boats.

After 25 years of experience in building radiosailing models, we decided to make the moulds for a new IOM design, which was kindly given by our friend Ian Vickers, a well-known New Zealander naval designer with extensive experience in RC.

The model was designed in 3D using the UGSnx2 program.

and the moulds for laying up were directly machined on duralumin,

using 3D-CAM programming in high accuracy machining centres (+/-0.005).

In this way we get a perfect superficial finishing and symmetry, that is why we get such a high quality from the lamination proces.

This model is the V6, which more than 70 units have been produced. Now our last project is the V7 and was designed by Ian Vickers after the conclusions and tests that took place after the Marseille IOM World Championship 2007. Nowadays, after a laborious work of design.


and polish of the new moulds, we are testing in the water

what we did it before virtually with computer calculations. The V7 is more versatile than the V6 with a wider range of performance.

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